Beach Sunsets Rock

One of my favorite things in the whole world is sitting on the beach. For me this is the ultimate form of relaxation. There is something about the sound of the ocean crashing against the sand and the warmth of the sun that I absolutely love. Even thinking about it as I write this, takes me to a very special place in my mind and heart. It just feels right to me.

A close second behind sitting on the beach is watching a sunset on the beach. It is truly an amazing experience. That is precisely why I chose the cover picture for this blog. There is something eerily peaceful about watching the sun set on another day. It’s like God painting on an amazing canvas for us, to remind us of the extravagant way that He loves us.

We were recently on vacation in Florida and got the chance to take part in a pretty unique sunset experience. We were sitting and watching, trying to take it all in when all of a sudden an older man stood up and began to blow a long solid note into a conch shell. At first I started laughing and then, as the moments rolled by and he continued to sustain this note all of us got inspired. He actually held it out until the sun dipped below the horizon. By the time he stopped, close to 100 people who had gathered around him began to clap and cheer. It was awesome.

For Kim and me the beach holds a very special place and this “sunset moment” holds a lot of memories for us. Some of the most important and exciting decisions of our life have been made watching these sunsets. Some of our most meaningful connections have also taken place there.

Watching this majestic transformation unfold before us is simply incredible.

I hope that as you read this you might be taken to whatever that special place is for you…..a place of peace and calm that allows you to feel connected to God and helps to bring clarity to His voice in your mind and heart. Every month or so, I try to spend a few moments looking at these sunset pics from our Florida vacation so that I can be reminded of God’s incredible love for us and that I have to remember to never become to busy to stop and watch the sunset.

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