Excited About Fall

I really enjoy fall. I enjoy the crisp air, the food, the sports and the changing of the leaves. In Indiana this is a really beautiful time of year. 

We have a couple of fall traditions at our house. First, fall means Kim will be making pumpkin bread. It is awesome and I am really looking forward to her first batch.

Secondly, we will make a trip to pick a pumpkin. Maybe we have too much time on our hands but this is a really big deal at our place. The pumpkin has to be perfect. We take our time and hunt down the one that is perfect in size and shape. It’s a big deal and a great time for us to do this together.

Thirdly, it will mean a couple of trips. One of those is down to my hometown of Evansville, IN for the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival. This has been a tradition for my whole life. The Fall Festival is a street fair that takes place each October and embodies all that I love about fall. It’s a street fair that runs like 10 blocks long with food vendors, rides, games and tons of people. Some of this food is amazing! Everything from local church groups to professional vendors line the street. It is a feast for sure. Things like Homemade Apple Dumplings, Kuchens, Corn Fritters, Fudge and something called a Brain Sandwich (which I will never, ever try) are on the menu. They also have Pronto Pups, which are very similar to corn dogs. As I understand the difference a corn dog is dipped in a batter like corn meal and a pronto pup is basically wrapped in a pancake, which is really good. If you have any free time next week (it always begins on the first Monday of October) I would highly suggest making the drive to Evansville for some great food.

A Beautiful View of Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park

It also means a trip to Nashville, IN and Brown County State Park. This is a tradition that we absolutely love. Typically, we take the whole day, drive down and spend time together enjoying the beauty of the park and the laid back atmosphere of Nashville. It’s relaxing for us and a great time to connect with one another. We also enjoy a great meal at the Nashville House each year, which is a real highlight. We always have fried chicken, fried biscuits with apple butter and a pice of homemade pie.

I love the fall and I am looking forward to enjoying some great traditions!

One Response to “Excited About Fall”
  1. Ed & I are making our way to Madison IN in a couple weeks to enjoy the foliage changes, walk the banks of the Ohio River, stay a couple nights at our favorite B&B there, go antiquing, and eat at a couple of their “famous” restaurants. We’re looking forward to it!
    Oh, and thanks for the reminder about the fried biscuits and apple butter at the Brown County Inn!

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