KT’s Birthday

kimsdevotional-1083I am truly blessed. I am also extremely grateful. I am married to an amazing woman and today is her birthday. Here are some things that I love about her.

I love the sound of her laugh. It is one of the greatest sounds in the world to me.

I love her heart for the Lord, for me, her family, her friends and for hurting people.

I love to hear her sing. To this day – after more than 17 years of listening to her – it still sends chills up my spine.

I love her smile.

I love to watch her enjoy walking on the beach. She is in a state of complete peace.

I love to experience a great meal with her. She enjoys food. If it is food that I have cooked that is even better.

I love it that she enjoys the tv show “Laverne & Shirley.”

I love to hear her pray.

I love to watch her think. She thinks on very deep levels and I love watching the wheels turn.

I love the smell of her lotion & perfume.

I love to hear her teach, read or share something she has learned.

I love to watch her eat truffles from Godiva Chocolate.

I love to tease her.

I love to pursue her.

I love it that she can light up any room she walks into.

I love that she wants such great depth in her life, heart & mind. 

I love the way that she loves me.

These are just a few of the zillion things I love about you Kim. Believe me, I could write all day!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you!

One Response to “KT’s Birthday”
  1. John Bick says:

    Dude, you are so much like the rest of us golf bums. You married grotesquely over your head!! I of course, mean that in the most affectionate way! Honestly, it’s great to see a guy appreciate his wife the way you do. We have a responsibility to show the young guys how it’s done…

    Happy Birthday Kim!

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