Guilty Pleasures: Junk Food

Tabors-039_1_2I am really enjoying your responses to the Guilty Pleasures blogs. Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I am finding out a lot about you guys and gals! It’s hilarious. Thanks to everybody for respecting one another and the ground rules too.

This week I would like to ask for some honesty about what your favorite Guilty Pleasures are in terms of Junk Food. As a reminder, Wikipedia defines a guilty pleasure this way: “A guilty pleasure is something one considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.[1] Often, the “guilt” involved is simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, rather than actual moral guilt. Fashion, music,[2] and food can be examples of guilty pleasures.[3]

So that is what I’m after. What is your “go to” junk food that would be defined as a “guilty pleasure”? 

Please respond by going to the Comment section and airing your laundry!

Ground Rules
1. This is a safe place so you can feel completely free to be honest. The more honest you are the better this will work.
2. No cracking on other peoples comments, just keep your eyes on your own back yard.

In the tradition of full disclosure, here are some of mine:
1. BBQ Grippo’s Potato Chips 
2. Nutty Bars (Little Debbie)
3. Ice Cream (just about any kind – by my favorite of all time is Spouse Like A House from Handel’s)
4. Almost any kind of homemade cookie
5. Ding Dongs
6.  Dorito’s
7. Chocolate Milkshakes

There you have it! It’s not hard to see that I enjoy my comfort foods! And, by the way, this list could have been much, much longer! So, let’s hear yours in the Comments section.

3 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures: Junk Food”
  1. Linda Oldham says:

    Oh, “junk” is such a subjective term 🙂 You know, one man’s junk is another man’s cheesecake, bringing me to my #1 not-so-guilty pleasure
    1. Cheesecake–I’ve seldom met one I didn’t like. Aside from homemade, Eli’s New York style (w/ pastry crust) and Cheesecake Factory’s Godiva Chocolate top my list
    2. Ritter’s – see above disclaimer. Very fond of peach, butter pecan and black walnut
    3. Hot Fudge Shakes
    4. Chicken and dumplings on top of mashed potatoes (butter and cream of course) -homemade is best but Bob Evans in a pinch
    5. Chocolate chip/pecan cookies–even better, chocolate chip/pecan cookie dough(whole pecans, please)
    6. Lemon meringue pie (I see a definite trend leaning toward the sweet side in this list)
    7. Freshly baked hot bread with real butter (although Logans and Texas Roadhouse Rolls can prove a handy substitute)
    8. Apple crisp with oatmeal topping hot out of the oven and ala mode
    I’m stopping now. Just finished a month of no sugar, caffeine, processed flour or carbonated drinks and everything listed has been on my “illegal” list. I feel an overwhelming urge to bake….

  2. Scott Wilder says:

    1. McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets
    2. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
    3. Hot soft pretzels
    4. Chocolate Ice Cream
    5. Chocalate chip Cookies

  3. Sammy says:

    Some of mine (in no particular order):

    1) Cheese curls
    2) BBQ Grippos (I got your back on this one Bri)- Double-dipped if you can get’em
    3) Cool Ranch Doritos
    4) Chocolate Covered Raisins (actually my favorite food of all time)
    5) Milky Way
    6) Combos
    7) Ice Cream – just about any flavor too
    8) Fudge Bars
    9) Caramel Corn
    10) Marshmallow Supremes (Little Debbie)

    There’s like 25 more…but I’ll stop there. 🙂 For example, I’d eat everything on your list in a heartbeat. Let’s party and pig out! Whatya say?

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