Head Scratchers: 4.12.10

I am starting a new recurring column today called “Head Scratchers.” Just as you might think by the name, these are some things that make me scratch my head and think, “Say What?” Things I just don’t get, understand or have an appreciation for from popular culture. Maybe some of them or just curious. Think of the old C & C Music Factory song, “Things That Make You Go Hmmm.”

Let’s jump right in.

  • People who try to talk on a cell phone while driving a convertible on the highway
  • Sushi (yes I am aware that it’s 2010 and I am way behind on this)
  • John Mayer
  • White Castle
  • Men’s Nail Polish
  • Qdoba
  • The Philadelphia Eagles trading Donovan McNabb
  • A lady once actually said this to me at a church: “When you do 3 songs together in a worship set, it really ministers to me. I love it. But, when you do 4 songs, I don’t get anything out of it at all.”
  • Gas prices. How are they allowed to escalate at will during high travel seasons? I guess it’s supply & demand but with all the things the government regulates, this is curious to me. This would also be true for airline prices, hotel prices, etc….
  • Candy that contains coconut

There you have it. The first Head Scratchers. Let me hear back from you…….

5 Responses to “Head Scratchers: 4.12.10”
  1. Brian – I TOTALLY agree on several of your points:
    People with convertibles — if you even HAVE a convertible you should be fired for driving with the top up on a Sunny day; heck if it’s too cold out, you can still drive it with the heater on; that’s what my sister and I did in CA! 🙂
    Sushi — why the heck would you WANT to eat something that is NOT cooked, but isn’t salad?
    White Castle — The scent of it is enough to make me go find a restroom; and no, I have not and will not try one.
    Qdoba – if you’re gonna eat Mexican food, it should be ‘REAL’ Mexican food (this from the girl who grew up near the Mexican border).
    People who wander around a store in their pajama bottoms — why subject the rest of us to it when you can just shop online at home in your jammies?

  2. Scott Wilder says:

    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Any movie starring Will Ferrel
    3. White Chocolate
    4. Designated Hitters
    5. Why refs don’t call intentional grounding in the NFL more often and Traveling in the NBA more often
    6. The Emergent Church Movement
    7. Tom & Jerry – are they friends? Are they enemies?

  3. Dawn Stout says:

    OK, my hubby and I are ROLLING right now over the lady that gets a lot out of 3 worship songs but nothing out of 4 songs. That is hilarious and odd all at the same time!

    Now, I’m disappointed in you that you don’t get Qdoba or candy with coconut in it. Two of my favorite foods (not together of course!). 🙂

  4. Troy says:

    1. I completely disagree re: Qdoba. I don’t get how you don’t get it.
    2. I don’t do ties. But I did once. That one time a lady said to me “thanks for honoring the house of the Lord in your dress today.” I think Big Smooth put her up to it.

  5. briantabor says:

    You have to love cilantro to enjoy Qdoba and I have a really hard time with that taste. Kim loves it but I can’t do it and they use it in everything.

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