Life Lessons: Chasing Dreams – Lord’s Lids

I love to watch people go after their dreams. It’s such a rush and when you have a chance to observe that in the context of Kingdom work it is a total thrill.

We have some dear friends that have recently gone after their dream. Dane Marr has been in the hat business for 20 years. He is a wonderful friend and several months ago, he and his wife Carla had a dream: to launch an apparel company that would communicate how passionate they are about their faith. Through a lot of prayer, council and hard work they recently launched their company.

Lord’s Lids has the goal of providing, “…The highest quality headwear available in cutting edge fashion styles that beautifully show the symbols and words of our Lord Jesus Christ.   We want Him to be glorified with every product that we offer.”

Ok, so right off the top, I think that name is awesome! I hope that you will take some time to visit their web site by clicking here. I also hope that you will make an order. You will not find a company out there that has this kind of cutting edge stuff! I have 2 of these hats sitting in my office and plan to make an order myself.

But wait….they don’t just sell hats. They also sell some incredible t-shirts. Take a moment and check them out. It’s an awesome way to support fellow believers but, even more importantly, it’s a way for you to communicate your faith without ever saying a word.

Is your youth group in need of apparel? Are you doing a fundraiser? Do you simply want to look awesome? Dane & Carla can help. Shoot them an email through the Contact Us tab on the Lord’s Lids web site.

Dane & Carla are great reminders that God has given each of us a dream. It has been so rewarding to watch them go after this and to see God bring it to life. We wish them all God’s best in this new endeavor. Take a moment and check out their web site. You will be glad that you did.

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