Worship Matters: “A Night Of Worship & Prayer”


A Moment From Rehearsal


Every now and then, we get to experience something truly amazing. Sometimes these moments are things that we really have to look for. Other times they are overwhelming and undeniable. This past Sunday, we got to experience one of the overwhelming kind at MPCC.

On Sunday night, we had a special event called “A Night Of Worship & Prayer.” We are just finishing a 6-week series called, “Let’s Pray” that has been incredibly meaningful for our church. We set aside Sunday night as a time to really celebrate all that God has been doing in our church through this powerful series.

We gathered together to worship & pray and what happened was truly amazing. It was one of those nights that you pray for as a worship leader…..every single person came ready to worship! Worship is a lifestyle. When we come to church or any corporate church gathering we bring our worship with us. It isn’t something that we simply observe but it is something that we actively participate in. It’s a celebration of what has been going on in our lives the rest of the week. It’s not like we can just flip a switch and suddenly become worshippers…..We worship God through how we live our lives. The way we serve our families and one another. The way we hold to the truths of God’s Word. Worship is something we strive to do every moment of every day. When we come together, that’s when we throw the party, so to speak.

Well, this past Sunday night we definitely threw a party! There will be videos & pictures to follow in the coming days but for right now, I am still just celebrating all that God accomplished in the lives of His children on Sunday!

I want to thank every single member of our team for being a part of this special night. I also want to thank our church and especially Pastor Chris for the opportunity to have a gathering like this. Thank you to Joey Santos, our Worship Programming Pastor, Scott Hoke (our Audio Technician) and Heidi Wright (Worship Arts Assistant) for all of the long hours they put into this event.

Most of all, thank you to The One who loves us so much that HE creates these amazing moments for us. All of them, the tiny, the overwhelming and everything in between is an act of HIM calling us to Himself in worship. Sunday was a great reminder to me of the extravagant way that God loves all of us. It was also a great reminder of the power of a group of people who desire to authentically worship the Lord.

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