Guilty Pleasures :: The Sing-Off

Every now and then I get blown away by something musical….one of those moments that reminds me of the magic of music. It happened earlier this week. We were watching “The Sing-Off” on NBC. It’s not a show that we typically watch but it caught my eye (and ear) as I was channel surfing. All the groups were doing Superstar Medlies. I really enjoy the classic music of the group Queen so it caught my ear immediately when I heard a group called The Dartmouth Aires doing a medley of Queen.

As I said earlier I was pretty much blown away by their performance. As someone who plays an instrument, it’s tough to admit that on occasion, vocalists can pull off some really powerful stuff without us! I have to admit that they absolutely did that here.

My hat is off to the Dartmouth Aires. Incredible!


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