MPCC Worship Staff Announcement :: Heidi Wright

:: MPCC Worship Department ::

I wanted to write and let you know that Heidi Wright is leaving our worship staff. She has accepted a full-time job at another company.

Heidi has done a wonderful job on our staff. Her gifts have touched each and every one of us in some way. She has helped to keep us organized, well fed and very cared for over these past 3 years, all the while leading us in worship and using that amazing voice that God gave her to bring Him honor and glory.

Please take a moment to let her know just how much you appreciate her:

I am blessed & excited to tell you that Heidi will still be plugged-in at MPCC, serving as a volunteer in the worship ministry.

Heidi – we wish you all God’s best in this new endeavor!! Remember, that the ‘Decline’ button in those PCO scheduling emails is just for decoration. ‘Accept’ is really the only choice. 🙂

You can enjoy some incredible vocals by Heidi and our team below, “Revelation Song.”

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