Finding Our True Hope

I love the language of Psalm 31. This psalm paints an incredible picture for us. It gives us a roadmap for dealing with adversity: When we are in distress, we find true hope in Jesus alone. When people turn their backs on us, we find true hope in Jesus alone. When we face incredible adversity, we find true hope in Jesus alone.

Be strong and take heart,
all you who hope in the Lord. – Psalm 31:24

What a powerful reminder that when things seem to be spinning out of control on every side, Jesus is hope, security, strength and rest.

In 20 years of worship ministry, I have had the chance to work with some incredible soloists….people who don’t just sing, but they communicate incredible Truth as they lead you through an experience of worship. Heidi Wright is absolutely one of those people. She has an incredible God-given vocal gift that is undeniable. But what makes her even more special is her ability to bring people along with her…to share the experience…to reveal God’s Truth as she sings. That is a very, very special gift and ability. Thank you, Heidi, for using your gift to glorify God and edify The Body of Christ.

At our Night Of Worship last weekend, Heidi shared the song “Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest)” and it was one of those incredible moments of revealing and reminding our congregation that Jesus is our hope. I hope you are encouraged as you listen.

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