A Night Of Worship 2013 – Recap

Wow. Coming off of last night’s Night Of Worship at MPCC all I can say is WOW. I am so grateful to the Lord that HE met us here in such a powerful way. I am humbled and blessed to serve with such a gifted Worship Staff and Volunteer Team as well. It took a lot of prayer & preparation and we all left with a renewed sense of awe as we live out our relationship with God.

Joey Santos (MPCC Worship Programming Pastor), I am blessed to call you a brother. Great work, bro.

Dan Metro (MPCC Audio), we are so grateful for your excellent work.

Thank you, from my heart, to every single volunteer who took part in last night. We are also blessed with some absolutely incredible volunteer leaders as well. Phill, Heidi & Kim, it is a thrill to serve with you. Watching God use you all is one of the highlights of my ministry. Incredible Gifts + Devoted hearts = tremendous blessings for all of those around you.

Heidi, “Be Still My Soul,” was such a powerful moment. Thank you for knowing how to communicate Truth with such a powerful God-given gift.

John Walker, you moved us all with “A Worshipper’s Prayer.” Thank you so much. Grateful for you and the amazing gift that God entrusted to you.

Our Worship Choir came stoked and ready to worship! Wow. So blessed to see God stretching you all and to see your hearts ablaze for Him in worship. Thank you for your hard work. David Freeman, you always amaze me. The incredible quality of your voice is only eclipsed by the content of your heart for the Lord. What a servant.

To our Band & Orchestra, it is so humbling to see you work at your craft and how you give your talents over to the Lord every time you serve. You are helping us to raise the bar in worship. I am grateful for all of you.

We also have some phenomenal Programming Volunteers who run lights, cameras and projection. You guys are incredible. Thank you for your hard work and faithful service. Even though you serve behind the scenes, you are just as much a part of our ministry as those of us on the stage.

Lastly but certainly not least, I want to thank our Senior Pastor, Chris Philbeck. Your love for God and devotion to His Word inspires and spurs me on, into a deeper walk with Jesus. You are so much more than a boss to me. You are my pastor, my brother and my friend. Thank you.

Here’s “Say Say” from A Night Of Worship 2013 at MPCC:

2 Responses to “A Night Of Worship 2013 – Recap”
  1. Patricia Rose says:

    WOW! What a blessing last night was! I was moved to tears knowing that God was with us, showing his love to all who were there. God has blessed MPCC with a great worship team, choir, etc. Pastor Chris was right on, and so raw, I Iove his honesty and courage to be so transparent. Thanks to ALL who made last night possible!

  2. Brian Tabor says:

    I am so grateful that you were blessed and encouraged! Thanks so much for coming and entering in to worship with us! – Blessings

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