A Night Of Worship 2013

Worship is defined as: The Feeling or Expression of Reverence and Adoration. I love that. I don’t reflect on words like reverence or adoration often enough. Those words inspire an

This Sunday night, October 27 at 6pm, we will be doing just that, as we gather for our annual “Night Of Worship,” at MPCC. Are you in need of encouragement? Join us. Are you feeling low and unworthy? Join us and celebrate God’s extravagant love for you.

This will be a night where we gather together and celebrate who God is and all that He has done for us, in us and through us. There will be time to celebrate, reflect, pray and enjoy some inspiring music.

If you live in Central Indiana, I hope that you will consider joining us this Sunday night. We are praying that God will meet you here at the exact point of your need and that you will leave refreshed, encouraged and ready for a renewed walk with God.

I hope to see you here on Sunday.

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