My Thoughts – 9.17.08

Here are some of my random thoughts on a warm fall day. I think that most people should think, edit and even pray before they hit send on an email. Too many people get hurt by not talking face to face. I think that today would be an absolutely perfect day to be lying on … Continue reading

My Thoughts – 7.10.08

Random thoughts on a summer day in Indiana. I still think that my wife Kim is the most amazing woman. (1) She tolerates the silly stuff that I do; (2) She still makes my heart skip a beat when she walks into a room; (3) When she sings I still get chills; and, (4) She … Continue reading

My First Blog – Thoughts…..

I think that my wife is the most amazing woman on the planet. She rocks my world and most of the time she doesn’t even realize it. The way she laughs, the way she walks, the way she LOVES food, the way she plays with her hair when she’s deep in thought….I love it all. Nearly … Continue reading