My First Blog – Thoughts…..

I think that my wife is the most amazing woman on the planet. She rocks my world and most of the time she doesn’t even realize it. The way she laughs, the way she walks, the way she LOVES food, the way she plays with her hair when she’s deep in thought….I love it all. Nearly every day she teaches me more about how to pursue God and love people. She’s the total package and I am blessed beyond words.


I think I need to play more golf. As I sit here today, I am not a gifted golfer. There was a time when I could play but it’s gotten lost in the day to day of life, business & ministry and I really miss it. I am going to play more this year.

I think that dogs are awesome…..especially my dog, Sophie!

I think that people who serve us or do things for us deserve our respect. People who bring us food in a restaurant, the guy who cuts our grass, the people who take care of our cars…those who serve us deserve more respect from us. Just because we pay them doesn’t mean we get a free pass to be annoying or disrespectful.

I think the Cardinals need better pitching….really, how long can they expect these guys to keep delivering? Spend some cash or make a trade for pete’s sake.

I think the Colts could be really, really good again this year. No bold predictions yet but I think they will be a force.

I think the Church of Jesus Christ needs to take a long hard look in the mirror, form a new ministry paradigm, scrap some traditions and take the world for Jesus.

I think that family and friends are invaluable and I need to spend more time pouring myself into both.

I think that I am going to spend more time getting to know my neighbors this summer because I can’t reach them if I don’t spend time with them.

I think that I need to stop writing until next time….until then, I hope that I live with NO Regrets!

5 Responses to “My First Blog – Thoughts…..”
  1. Troy Hochstetler says:

    I think that Fiji water is the best.

  2. briantabor says:

    I could not agree more….plus the square bottle is way cool

  3. I think that laying in the hammock on a cool evening is a great way to relax.

  4. JD says:

    I think that tadpoles look funny.

    I just wanted to join in 🙂

    Seriously…I’m glad you joined the blogosphere!!!

  5. A Baker says:

    I think that if worms had machine guns the birds wouldn’t eat them!

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