In worship ministry or any facet of music for that matter, preparation is HUGE. As a musician I am an artist and I always want to be at my best. In the context of worship the issue of preparation is taken to new levels all together.

As worship leaders we have to be prepared. This includes every single member of the team. I really am working on this with my team and giving them every resource that is available to me so that they can be prepared every time we step in front of the congregation. Of course, me giving them those resources and them using the resources are 2 completely different things. Some on our team spend days and weeks preparing for Sunday….others spend no time at all. I wish I could find the magic potion that would communicate how deeply important this is on a spiritual level, let alone a musical level.

The Bible gives us many examples of this from David tending sheep in the fields while God prepared his heart to Esther who spent an entire year of preparation to simply be in the presence of the king. 

That speaks volumes to me about how we should prepare for worship….especially those of us who lead others in worship. We pray for extraordinary things to take place but would we be ready?

It all starts with preparation.

One Response to “Preparation”
  1. Hey Brian – I’m excited to be the first to comment. Good post!
    I find that when I’m in prayer and seeking God throughout the week, the preparation for Sunday worship is that much sweeter. The anticipation of singing in the choir, combining my voice with my fellow believers, seeing God as the audience brings His presence ever nearer to me.
    Thanks for your words here – looking forward to reading more.

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