NWLC Day 2

We have really enjoyed day 2 of the National Worship Leader Conference. It has been a very busy day but a day that has been filled with amazing encouragement, challenge and opportunity for growth. 

We heard some awesome music today and also had the chance to attend some wonderful classes. We were able to attend a class taught by Ross Parsley who is the Worship Pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs. This is a huge church that is impacting the world for Jesus. It is a church that has been in the news quite a bit recently due to some issues with their senior pastor. They also experienced a shooting at their church. All of this happened within a 13-month window. I can tell you that out of these experiences the Lord is raising up a church that numbers at more than 15,000 level in weekly attendance. 

Ross spoke to us on the subject of “The Theology of Expression in Worship.” It was a powerful class dealing with how we express ourselves as we worship God and that HE wired us for each of those expressions. He also maintains that true worship has to involve our whole selves: heart, mind, soul & strength. This was a rich class that I am still processing. I took more than 5 pages of notes!

We also had the chance to sit under Marcos Witt who serves as the Spanish service Pastor at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, the largest church in America. Marcos spoke to us on “Character and Leadership.” In addition to being a pastor, Marcos is also a Grammy award winning musician and the founder of a Christian production company called CanZion Producciones.

Marcos had some very challenging and encouraging words for us as worship leaders and worship teams. He spoke from 1 Samuel 16:18 and talked about the things people said about David, the Psalmist. He made a parallel about how people should be saying those same things about us and our worship teams.

We are very grateful for this experience. It has already been refreshing and a tremendous time of renewal. We look forward to a great concert tonight, featuring: Leeland, Phillips, Craig & Dean and Matt Maher. Those are some of my absolute favorites!

We are grateful for your prayerful support and are looking forward to the rest of the week!

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  1. Steve says:

    In regards to the previous comment, if you are going to post a comment like that you need to give context of where your coming from if you don’t identify yourself! If you do it anonymous, it is hollow and sounds personal and basically a waste of space.

    Thank you Brian for taking it down. There is no need for that here.

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