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For this week’s Food & Fun post I am going seriously old school. I’m reaching back to the past for a little food magic! Tonight I was reminded of 4 epic food joints from my college days in Anderson, IN and I want to share them with you.

First of all, to be classified as a “joint” is a real complement. So many restaurants are made just like the one down the street and I grow weary of the cookie-cutter stuff. To be a “joint” there can’t be a thousand others just like you. You have to have your own unique touches to be a “joint” and these places absolutely have all of thee above and more.

 First, let me tell you about Art’s Pizza in Anderson. In this day and age it is very difficult for a pizza place to set itself apart from the others…..Art’s has been doing just that since 1956. There is just something about their pizza…maybe it’s the ingredients or maybe it’s the oven they use. Who knows? All I know is if you are looking for an adventure and you crave good pizza you have got to check this place out. Forget all the fancy toppings….you can’t get anything exotic here. It’s all traditional pizza stuff and it will rock your world.

Also, when going to Art’s I would highly recommend trying an Italian Roast Beef sandwich as an appetizer. It’s slow roasted all day, every day and they top it with rich broth and green peppers. It is one of the tastiest sammy’s you will ever try.

Secondly on the college food circuit let me tell you about Gene’s Root Beer in Anderson. This is an old-fashioned drive-in style restaurant that has been an Anderson staple for years. You pull up and ladies come right to the car to serve you hot dogs, corn dogs, Spanish dogs (their version of the chili dog), fries, fried mushrooms and various other kinds of guilty pleasures. This place actually makes their own root beer! The recipe is a secret but they do sell it by the gallon. Great ice cream to finish things off as well.

Gene’s is located right on SR 109 (the bypass) in Anderson near the AU campus. If you are heading through there anytime soon, I would highly suggest stopping in for a great meal. They close for the season on October 15 this year.

 Thirdly is the Lemon Drop on Mounds Road near the mall in Anderson. An Anderson tradition since 1954 the Lemon Drop has been described as “old world greasy.” It absolutely rocks! Great burgers and traditional drive-in type food. It’s small so you may end up sitting at the counter next to a stranger but it will be worth the trip. Try the onionburger. You will not be sorry!

The Lemon Drop is one of those places you really have to experience to fully understand. Kim and I have shared many meals in this place over the years and have loved every single one of them.

The owner still cooks every single meal. As I wrote earlier, this is “old world greasy” and something you will really enjoy!

I could also spend time talking about places like The Toast (another greasy spoon place downtown), Eva’s (a fabulous place for an awesome old school breakfast) or The Real Hacienda (a converted church in downtown Anderson). They are all great and I would highly recommend each of them! Enjoy.

2 Responses to “Food & Fun”
  1. Bill Mulford says:

    Pastor Brian,
    Just checking the church’s web page and noticed your blog. Being a member of the AU (AC) class of ’73 and working in Anderson from ’88 to ’01, I couldn’t agree with you more. Great choices! I could go to the “Drop” right now. Call me and we’ll split the gas money.
    Try their mushroom (Worcestershire) sauce on the string fries. Learned that with the AC Choir tour to Europe in ’73. Three days in Geneva with all of those great fries and no ketchup. We had to try something and the habit stuck.
    Would have to add Do-len-ski’s on Hwy 67 east of Anderson. Great lunch buffet! And, I’d have to break your rule on multiple locations for one pick: Frisch’s on North Broadway. The best tartar sauce in the world.
    I like the way you think. When I’m on the road, I tell my customers that I want to go to a place that you can’t franchise. They always know right where to go. I love the Texas Roadhouse, but I can go there any time.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Am hearing great things about your ministry. The van is running great at 171,000 miles.
    God bless you and your ministry,

  2. Amanda says:

    oooh!! As soon as I saw that you were going back to Anderson with this, my first thought was of the Real Hacienda! What a place!! Sadly, we did not discover it until we moved to Indy, but we will make a trip to eat there at least once a year! Love it!!

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