Fantasy Football – Here We Go Again

Tuesday night will mark draft night for my 2nd season in Fantasy Football. Last year I really didn’t do very well and I hope to have a better team this year. My team name last year was the Anchormen…, this year, I decided to get really creative and chose  Anchormen 2.

 I’m hoping to pick in a good position this year. I picked in the middle of the round last year and quickly realized that was not prime picking location. I’m hoping for either early or late so that either I get first dibs at good players or I get picks close together.

For me, playing is really about the camaraderie of spending time with friends and trying to out-think them. Most often I have fallen into silly traps in the past….hopefully I can fix that this year.

Any thoughts on the draft? Quarterback first? Running Back? Best available player? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Oh yeah, Kim is playing in the league this year. Should make for a fun and interesting season!

Let me hear your thoughts on the draft……

3 Responses to “Fantasy Football – Here We Go Again”
  1. Brian, I have no thoughts on the draft.
    But, recently upon learning what Fantasy Football was all about, decided it was a guy’s version of what Scrapbooking is to ladies (or quilting bees).
    Regardless – good luck on your picks and lineups this year. Although, I’m not sure if the name Anchormen 2 is your very best choice for a team name, but what do I know!… I’d rather be creating something with cloth or paper!

  2. I’m all for not reinstating the draft. I think there are better solutions to the Iraq situation than that.

    …what’s all this about football?

  3. Ryan McHone says:

    I think you should choose a def first. just my suggestion. Or a kicker. Those are the ones to go after first.

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