Worship Matters – 9.21.08

We had a great weekend. Kim and I were on the road this past weekend, leading a worship retreat at Shepherd Nazarene in Columbus, OH. We really enjoy leading these retreats. It gives us a chance to spend more time with people from the church. This church brought their whole team together for the retreat: choir, praise teams, band & tech. It was awesome to have them all together.

The retreat started on Friday night and ran all day Saturday. Then, Sunday morning was the celebration of all that we had learned and experienced through the weekend. Having this extra time really allows us to dig into some deeper issues facing the church at worship. Kim did a

KT Teaching In Columbus, OH

KT Teaching In Columbus, OH

great deal of teaching on worship theology, which really made a huge impact. She absolutely knocked it out. She taught a lot about what the Bible has to say about worship, expression in worship and what it means to be a worship leader. We also did a session together on the practical issues that face church worship teams today.

The Sunday worship celebration was awesome. The Shepherd choir & band really did a fantastic job. We were able to do some of our music as well as teach the congregation some new worship songs. It was a very powerful experience and we are grateful for the Lord’s guidance and provision. HE is doing great things at Shepherd. They are blessed with tremendous leadership from Senior Pastor Sam Barber, Worship Leader Amy Fisher and Choir Director Jeff Linker.

We also got to meet some real characters over the weekend. Every church has to have people who keep things fun and interesting. This church has some great ones.

In all, it was an awesome weekend. God moved in a tremendous way and we are blessed and grateful. Our prayer is that what HE began in the hearts of the people will make for lasting transformation in the lives of the worship team. We also made some great new friendships and we look forward to seeing all that God is going to do in the life of this great church!

One Response to “Worship Matters – 9.21.08”
  1. Kristen says:

    Brian and Kim, you are amazing people! I have not been able to attend a choir retreat in the past because I’m a mom, but because this one was at the church, I was able to come. I am more the pleased with my experience with you both! I’ll admit, I’m one of the ornry ones at Shepherd. You guys were great putting up with us and our fun banter. You are wonderful worship leaders and I throuroughly enjoyed being able to sing with you this weekend and take in what you had for us to learn! You are very loved by our choir, praise team and band. Thank you for coming! I hope we get to meet again someday!!! Have a wonderful year, God will be blessing you on your wonderful journey.

    In Christ,

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