Life Lessons: Learning To Relax

There was a time in my life when I didn’t have to work at relaxing. It was a time when I had little responsibility and could easily unplug and get away from the challenges of life. Remember that time in your life?

Just like it is for you, those days are long gone for me. Most days I am in my office at MPCC planning, creating, dreaming, praying, strategizing, leading and managing the worship and music department. I am thoroughly enjoying being there and can look back and completely see that God orchestrated the entire process. It is a wonderful church and I can see us serving at MPCC for a very long time. 

When I am not at MPCC I am at home planning, creating, dreaming, praying, strategizing, leading and working on the other part of our ministry, Tabor Ministries. For nearly 10 years now Kim and I have been traveling the country leading worship, singing and sharing The Gospel through concerts, conferences, services and retreats. TM is a real passion for us that very naturally works alongside our ministry at MPCC. We have been blessed with 5 recordings and are so humbled and grateful for the ways that God continues to use us to proclaim the good news that God wants us to live a life of freedom in HIM. 

This next Sunday we will be giving 2 ministry concerts at Living Word Church in New Port Richey, FL (Tampa area). We covet your prayers for those services. If you want to find out more about how this concert happened, check out Kim’s new blog, Finally Free. It is a very, very cool story.

Anyway, I am trying to paint the picture that at this point in my life I don’t have a tremendous amount of free time. I know I am not alone in this and many of you share the same challenges. How do you cope with the need for relaxation?

Enjoying The Ferry Boat Ride To North Captiva Island

Enjoying The Ferry Boat Ride To North Captiva Island

We absolutely love to travel and right now we are enjoying some vacation time on North Captive Island, FL. Time with Kim on the beach feeds my soul. It is our first time to be here and I can tell you that after day 1, we are loving it! God is so good and we are so incredibly grateful for HIS provision in allowing us to get away like this. We needed it. 

I would love to hear back from you because I know that we are all super busy.

Seriously, how do you cope with the need to find ways to relax? What works for you? How do you balance that with family, work & service? How do you feed your soul?

I am realizing that when I don’t find time to feed my soul that my life, focus and ministry all suffer. What have you learned?

I hope that you will give me some feedback on how or what you do to stay grounded and balance the stress of life. Please take a moment to write back in the comment section. 


A Beautiful Sunset on Day 1, North Captive Island, FL

A Beautiful Sunset on Day 1, North Captive Island, FL

3 Responses to “Life Lessons: Learning To Relax”
  1. Sam Trezzo says:

    Sadly, over the past several months, I have gotten away from listening to worship music and different messages on the radio or CD or on-line. And I have noticed I have an uncomfortable spirit. So here lately I have been turning up the worship music, praying, listening to His lessons and listening to Him. For me it is a very simple formula…More God = more peace. I absolutely must make some time to get away with my boys this summer. This week I am serving at MPCC at Family VBS. What a blessing to serve God’s kids.

  2. Nathan Stewart says:

    I would say, that I too relax the most on the beach with my wife and daughter. Last summer, I had a 4 week sabbatical and it was such an amazing, rejuvenating time. We spent 2 of those weeks in St. Petersburg. Perhaps it is just the sheer awesomeness of being away from the daily responsibilites mingled with the splendor of God’s creation and enjoying it with my family that puts God’s plans into perspective.
    Glad you are enjoying your time away. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  3. Thank you for your post. It

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