TM Update: New Port Richey Concerts

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We are in Florida preparing for 2 morning worship concerts this Sunday at Living Word Church in New Port Richey (Tampa area). It’s been a very cool journey to see this concert happen. Kim is telling this story through a series of videos on her blog. You can view part 1 of the video series here. There will be more to come this weekend. Needless to say we are amazed by how God is at work and we look forward to seeing what HE has in store this weekend! For more information on this or other concerts, visit the On Tour tab of our web site by clicking here

We really don’t take these opportunities lightly. We believe that on this Sunday, June 28, we are supposed to be at this church because God has a specific plan for us and for this congregation. Many times we leave without knowing what that purpose was exactly but we trust that God’s ways are sometimes unknown to us. There have also been many times when His reason for sending us to a church is smack-us-in-the-face-obvious. Either way we are trusting that God will be at work in and through us this weekend.

Would you join us in prayer over these concerts? Here are some specific requests:
1. For open hearts & minds in the congregation
2. That God would be glorified by everything that takes place
3. That God would give us the strength and grace to boldly proclaim The Gospel of Jesus Christ
4. The physical ability to sing and play to the best of our abilities and bring glory to God by offering our gifts back to Him in worship
5. That every piece of technical equipment would work in perfect order
6. We ask that people who do not know the Lord would be in attendance and that they would respond to the Gospel and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior

We are grateful for your prayers! Thank you for standing with us. We will keep you updated.

There are several ways that you can keep in touch with our ministry:
1. Our web site:
2. Our blogs: Brian –    AND   Kim –
3. Our YouTube Video Channel:
4. Twitter: Brian – @brianltabor   AND   Kim – @kimtabor

We are so grateful for your prayers & support! We pray God’s richest blessings on you and your families and trust that HE will be at work in your hearts & lives!

Brian & Kim

One Response to “TM Update: New Port Richey Concerts”
  1. Ken says:

    You guys rock! Safe travels.


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