5 Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen

Tabors-039_1_2It really amazes me…..Hollywood types continue to bring in sick amounts of money and yet, how often do they really hit one out of the park? I really enjoy watching movies but many of them are just sooooooo bad!

It got me thinking…..what would I rate as the 5 worst movies I have ever seen? I watch a lot of movies so it took me a while to come up with a list. Would you be willing to share yours with me?

Here are the 5 worst movies I have ever seen:

5. Blue Sky (1994 – Jessica Lange, Tommy Lee Jones & Powers Boothe)
4. Blankman (1994 – Damon Wayans, David Alan Grier & Robin Givens)
3. Clifford (1994 – Martin Short, Charles Grodin & Mary Steenburgen)

*Wow, how odd is it that all three of those are from 1994??

2. Year One (2009 – Jack Black & Michael Cera)
1. The Happening (2008 – Mark Wahlberg – “Hey donkey, say hello to your motha’ for me”)

So there’s my list of the 5 worst movies I have ever seen. What about you??

6 Responses to “5 Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen”
  1. Steve Jones says:


    How can you leave out the worst movie ever made….Caddyshack 2??

  2. Linda Oldham says:

    Wow! This is quite a challenge.
    1. Any Ed Wood movie ever made (though I have a terrible fondness for Plan 9 From Outer Space)
    2. The Postman with Kevin Costner run amuck
    3. Highlander II-The Quickening–a movie that NEVER should have seen light of day as it destroyed the entire premise of the first film (not that I have an opinion 🙂
    4. White Commanche -in which William Shatner plays the title role and shoots a bush
    5. Billy Jack in which Tom Laughlin plays the title role and doesn’t shoot a bush or anything else but “martial arts” his way through an entire corrupt local govt in the name of peace–lots of gratuitous violence (think Death Wish like violence), vigilantism, and really bad acting–still a cult favorite

  3. chris says:


    I have to say I enjoy most movies but there are a few that really sucked.

    1) Vanilla Sky-(Tom Cruise) I still don’t know what this movie was about
    2) I am Legend-(Will Smith) was good most of the way through then the ending really, really sucked and ruined the entire movie.
    3) Any movie that is past a second sequal…Ie Major league III, Leathal Weapon III, Nightmare on Elm Street 517
    4)Vantage Point-decent idea for movie but the story didn’t ever really develop enough.
    5)Hancock (Will Smith) see #2 last 30 minutes really sucked! What is it with Will SMith lately? He was awesome and has gone down hill. I Think his last good movie was Hitch

  4. Becki Dunaway says:

    Okay….here are mine:

    1. Fargo — the most annoying movie ever. I couldn’t take it past the first 40 mins of “yah” – ejected and returned it to Blockbuster that night!
    2. Pulp Fiction — I still scratch my head over why this movie ever won any awards. Again…..I was so annoyed at how stupid it was, I ejected the movie and returned it before getting to the end.
    3. War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise. The original was by far a much better film.
    4. Most remade moves similar to #3 above – you know how the writers have no creativity so they have to take a movie made in the 50’s and rewrite it; but it is never as good as the original.
    5. Any horror flick — especially those by Stephen King — stupid. Not that I am a fan of those types of movies; but I did see some as a teenager. Yes, I thought they were stupid then too.

  5. Terry Hayes says:

    Oh man, I loved Fargo! Being able to say “yah” correctly came in handy a few years later when I had to do a tradeshow in Minneapolis. Steve Buscemi is one of my favorites – he takes “droll” to ever higher heights.

    Actually, the reason I had to take a look at this topic is because I fully expected someone to mention “Ishtar”. This is almost always on every critic’s list of the worst movies of all time. However, I (and some friends of mine) love it because it is so utterly ridiculous, has some great scenes with Charles Grodin, and is pretty funny to anyone who is (or knows) a songwriter. So, check it out – but I warned you!

    Here are a few that I didn’t particularly care for:

    1. Dogtown (Nicole Kidman) – essentially a filmed stage play.
    2. Howard The Duck
    3. The Island Of Doctor Moreau – with Val Kilmer and Marlon Brando I had high hopes.
    4. Quarantine
    5. Lost In Translation

  6. Nancy Loomis says:

    In no particular order
    1. Another Will Smith movie that goes into the worst movie category is Wild, Wild West. My husband and I walked out of it saying “I can’t believe I paid money to see that.” This was really diasappointing to me because I loved the TV show as a kid.
    2. The Sphinx (I think that is what it was called) – it was a sequal to The Mummy and The Rock’s first big budget movie. It was too bad they didn’t use some of the money for a better script and acting lessons. (I know – harsh)
    3. Of course the always funny Plan 9 from Outer Space – so bad it is good!
    4. Grease 2 – what a disappointment for someone who was obsessed with the first movie and knew all the songs by heart.
    5. The remake of the Planet of the Apes. (The original is BRILLIANT) See comments from 1 and 2

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