CHOG North American Convention

This is going to be a really busy but awesome week! Lots of Kingdom business this week. I am really excited about everything that is going to happen!

On Friday evening, June 25, Kim and I have been asked to participate as worship leaders in a very special event. I hold my ordination in the Church of God (Anderson, IN). Every June they hold the Church of God North American Convention on the campus of Anderson University, our alma mater. Yep, we’re Ravens and proud of it!

Friday night will serve as the kick-off event of this gathering with a very special service hosted by Sandi Patty. It is going to be an awesome evening of music, worship & celebration! For more information, click here. It is always such an honor to be asked to be a part of an event like this and to celebrate with people from around the country.

We have some really exciting music planned and we are also bringing some very special friends with us. We are taking a live band from MPCC as well as 25 members of our choir to take part in the evening. It’s going to be a great night and we are so thrilled that many from our church family can take part in this special event.

Worlds will be colliding on Friday night in Anderson. Several pieces of our ministry lives will be coming together under the same roof for this event and we simply cannot wait! We do covet your prayers for this night. We want to make some great music BUT, more importantly, we want people to experience worship that will refresh their hearts & souls and take them into a deeper faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to see Christians encouraged and to see their transformation continue to grow and develop. That is our heart and we would be grateful if you would join us in prayer to that end.

If you live close by we would love to see you there on Friday night! Be Blessed –

One Response to “CHOG North American Convention”
  1. gaylewiese says:

    We will see you there! Looking forward to it!

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