CHOG North American Convention

Singing with Sandi at a concert in Oklahoma City

CHOG NAC Update…..We are super excited about Friday night! It’s amazing how many details go into an event like this. I wish everybody could get a glimpse into that process. It’s incredible how many things have to be planned out. For every element that is planned for the platform there are countless details to prepare.

We are planning for 150 voices in the choir. It’s going to be awesome! The evening will also take a look at the evolution of worship in the Church of God over the years to where we are today. It’s really going to be cool.

Plus, honestly, the highlight is the chance to serve with Sandi Patty. I mean, seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that! She is singing better than ever and it is such an honor to be a part of this special evening.

We are really excited about our worship set! We are praying that people come ready to worship, not just to observe like they would at a concert. Come ready to participate. Worship takes active participation and they will definitely be given the opportunity to jump in and worship!

Our Set:
Alive Forever Amen (from our CD, The One)
Victory In Jesus (Not your grandma’s Victory. Get ready.)
Made To Worship
In Christ Alone (from our CD, The One)

We are really praying that the Lord will prepare hearts for this dynamic evening of worship & music. I hope that you will join us in prayer for this special night and for every who will participate on the platform and in the congregation.

Hope to see you there – Be Blessed!

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