10 Things I Love About My Wife

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day we set aside to honor, celebrate and remind the love of our life of just how we feel about them. I really like Valentine’s Day. It gives me a chance to celebrate my wife, Kim.

Let’s face it, I married up bigtime! I am so grateful and blessed to be married to Kim. I still get cold chills every time I see her walk into a room. I believe with all my heart that God sent her for me and every day with her is a blessing. We have our challenges but there is absolutely no doubt that we will face them together. She is my best friend and an incredible person to journey through life with.

When I think about Kim, there are many things that come to mind and I wanted to share a few of those…..

Here are 10 Things I Love About My Wife:

10. Her Smile – Billy Joel said it perfectly, “She’s got a smile that heals me….” (in the song, “She’s Got A Way”)
9. The Things She Loves – I love what she loves. Time with God, Walks On The Beach, A Good Piece Of Chocolate, A Great Meal….The list goes on and on.
8. Her Voice – she is, without a doubt, my favorite singer of all time. She can communicate a lyric like nobody I have ever seen or heard. It’s an incredible God-given gift. LOVE that!
7. Her Cooking – The girl can flat out cook and baking is one of her specialties. Just look at my mid-section, that’s all you need to know.
6. Her Feet – I love her feet. She rubs them against one another when she is totally relaxed. I absolutely love that about her.
5. Her Yawn – sounds funny but it’s one of those totally uninhibited moments with her….I love to watch her yawn.
4. Her Passion For God – she is such an amazing example to me.
3. Her Laugh….it is completely contagious. I never tire of hearing it and do everything I can to hear it as often as possible.
2. Her Heart – she has the biggest heart for me and for other people. I love that about her.
1. The Way She Loves – She Loves Me and that amazes me. No matter what we are facing I know that she has my back to the end. She attacks life with passion. She cares for me in a million ways, large and small. She is my gift from God.

This list could go on for days.

I love my wife. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kim. I love you Now & Forever. Still Chasing…….

Kim is very difficult to surprise. Her mind is always working. One of the few times I pulled it off was at our wedding, almost 16 years ago. Here is the song I sang to her, “God Sent You For Me,” from a concert a few years back.

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