Life Lessons: Chasing Dreams – Lord’s Lids

I love to watch people go after their dreams. It’s such a rush and when you have a chance to observe that in the context of Kingdom work it is a total thrill. We have some dear friends that have recently gone after their dream. Dane Marr has been in the hat business for 20 … Continue reading

God Is Good and We Are Grateful

Tomorrow will mark the end of an absolutely fabulous vacation. I cannot find the words to describe how very grateful I am for this time away. It has been awesome. I am grateful to the Lord for these times of refreshment and the chance to unplug and recharge my batteries.  I find myself thinking a … Continue reading

Life Lessons: Learning To Relax

There was a time in my life when I didn’t have to work at relaxing. It was a time when I had little responsibility and could easily unplug and get away from the challenges of life. Remember that time in your life? Just like it is for you, those days are long gone for me. … Continue reading

Change – An Exciting New Chapter

  We are currently on vacation in Florida. It has been awesome! When we come here, I try to really give myself a good break….not a lot of cell phone activity, not a lot of email, etc. I really try to unplug and this gives me lots of time to think and pray. Kim and … Continue reading

Ah – The Holidays

So here we are, coming toward the end of the holiday season. Does it ever seem odd to you that so many big holidays are crammed together in such a short span of time? Seriously, could we not have spread them out a little bit? There are certain months that could really use a splash … Continue reading

A Worshipful Response

I have had the honor of leading worship professionally for 15 years. That number amazes me. In many ways I can’t believe that I’m old enough to have done anything for 15 years. But, that’s the truth. Over those years God has taught me many things and I look forward to all that He has … Continue reading

Beach Sunsets Rock

One of my favorite things in the whole world is sitting on the beach. For me this is the ultimate form of relaxation. There is something about the sound of the ocean crashing against the sand and the warmth of the sun that I absolutely love. Even thinking about it as I write this, takes … Continue reading

Life Lessons

I am truly a guy who has a great deal to be thankful for. God has blessed me beyond measure. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife that I love and I get to spend my life telling people about Jesus.  Another tremendous blessing in my life is my family. Today is my dad’s … Continue reading