Worship Matters – 4.19.10

Kim and me

Kim and I were blessed with an incredible weekend! We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve God and His Church through music & worship. Wow. What an honor.

This past Saturday we had the opportunity to lead 1,400 women in worship at Olivet University for the annual Ladies Day. It was awesome. There is something very special about a room full of women who desire to worship God. Incredible! Liz Curtis Higgs was the speaker and did an outstanding job. What a tremendous gift for teaching God’s Word and laughing while she does it. She is an amazing lady.

I love to hear Kim sing and believe that God created her with this tremendous gift to encourage The Body of Christ and to help people experience a renewed passion for God. I am so blessed as I watch her gifts continue to blossom. To watch her sing huge powerful anthems like “In Christ Alone” is an unbelievable experience. I love to watch the faces of the people in the congregation as they are swept away in worship. I also love to hear Kim craft moments with songs like “Trust His Heart.” She is an extraordinary communicator and I would believe that even if I didn’t have the honor of being her husband. I just love to watch her work.

On Sunday we had the honor of meeting some amazing new friends at Chicago First Nazarene in Lemont, IL. These are people that we totally get: they love to worship, laugh and eat. Bulls Eye! What a tremendous day we had as we shared in their services and enjoyed an amazing lunch with them. So thankful. Kim is going to be speaking at their Women’s Retreat in October and we will also be leading worship. It’s going to be awesome!! We are already praying for this weekend and asking God to impact lives and to allow the ladies to experience true freedom in Christ!

I am also very thankful for our MPCC family. Because we have such a strong Worship Staff Team and an incredible group of volunteers, I can be away for weekends like this. They do an outstanding job and I know that the congregation experienced dynamic worship this weekend. Thanks so much to all of you!!

We are also blessed with amazing friends who help us with all kinds of things to make these weekends possible. Financial supporters, house watchers, dog sitters and prayer partners…the list could go on and on. We are so thankful for each of you too!

As I sit at my desk writing this I am totally exhausted from a busy weekend. But, I also have this sense of deep gratitude in my heart because I have the honor of serving the Lord and His Church. What an honor. What a thrill. I am so blessed.

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