Engage: The Worship Experience, Sept 16-17, 2011

Coming to MPCC September 16-17, 2011, ENGAGE: The Worship Experience. Join us this September as we gather worship leaders and their teams from all across the midwest, for a time of renewal, encouragement and learning. We’ve all been there….you fly half way across the country, spend more than a thousand dollars for a conference experience, and you come home thinking, “Wow, what did I really learn?”

From that perspective we wanted to host a conference with practical handles for the people who lead worship in churches every weekend. ENGAGE is designed for everyone from the Staff Worship Pastor to the volunteer. It’s designed for vocalists, instrumentalists, audio technicians, lighting designers, camera operators and the people who handle projection in your services. You will also find that ENGAGE is priced so that you can afford to send your whole team to be a part of the conference.

ENGAGE will begin on Friday evening, September 16, with a special night of worship featuring guest artist, Travis Cottrell. Travis has given the Church some amazing songs to sing like “Alive Forever Amen,” “Sing,” “Jesus Saves,” & “My Passion.” Weather leading worship at the church he serves as Worship Pastor, or traveling the country with Beth Moore, Travis is someone who understands the heart of the church musician.

We will follow that up on Saturday with general sessions featuring the MPCC Worship Team and Chris Philbeck, our Senior Pastor. There will also be breakout sessions for vocalists, instrumentalists & technicians. Have you ever wanted your team to learn more music theory or your vocalists to sing with more passion? Have you wanted your light techs to understand how they are a part of the team or hoped for a way to teach your electric guitarists how to structure a solo? ENGAGE will offer helps in all of those areas and more.

To find out more and to register, click here.

We hope that you will plan to join us for this very special event in September!!

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